Pool deck lighting nowadays is more than just a bulb and a receptacle. There are unique and creative designs and concepts available today and they are taking the pool world by storm. While the most common thing to do is install an inground pool lighting system, installing lighting fixtures on the deck is more preferable. The lights are easier to replace and maintain, plus it makes the surroundings brighter and safer. Here are some of the trends in pool lighting options:

LED furnitureLED Furniture

LED is a popular lighting option because it is energy-efficient and has a cooler color temperature. There are certain outdoor patio furniture that give off light from inside. These LED tables and stools come with a hand-held remote that controls the colors, the blinking patterns, and brightness. Their lights can last up to 10 hours and this type of furniture can be recharged via electric outlets or solar charger.

Rope or Ribbon Lighting

Rope lighting comes in varied lengths. It also comes with a hand-held remote that controls its color-changes. These are ideal for use on fences, under an awning, or along the outlines of steps for a professional look. This type of LED lighting is known to be durable and very easy to install. Just make sure that you purchase from a reliable manufacturer.

colored flood lightsColored Flood Lights

Whether RGB or LED, floodlights are creative lighting options especially when they are set up to uplight on trees. You might even want to use different colored lights to transform the trees into an enchanting plethora of colors. While the trees are lighted brightly, the deck acquires a light bright enough to make everything visible but subtle enough to highlight the trees above.

Fire Pits

If you don’t like involving electricity that much, then the addition of a fire feature is ideal. The great thing about fire pits is that it can be placed almost anywhere on the deck. It can be surrounded by seats, situated in a corner, in the middle of a pool, or wherever you think it would provide illumination best. There are even portable types that can be moved around the deck easily.

tiki torchesTiki Torches

A tiki torch is the best way to put a tropical, beach-like theme. Several of these, placed in strategic places around the pool deck concrete, is enough to provide illumination, a beach vibe, and a highly efficient bug-repellant.

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