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It is possible to acquire shiny concrete floors with waxing. Some businesses even invest in a floor buffer just to acquire the shine that makes their commercial space more appealing and presentable. But not everyone is willing to get down on their knees, apply the wax, and buff the surface until it looks shiny enough. Not everyone has the time or money to maintain such concrete surfaces. Fortunately, there is a highly recommended and more cost-effective alternative.

Concrete polishing Kansas City is an easier and less tedious way of acquiring the same shiny, low maintenance surfaces without waxing and buffing. Polished concrete surfaces are sanded several times with different abrasive pads until the right sheen and smoothness are achieved. The slab can be polished as it is in all its utilitarian glory or stained to a richer color through concrete staining or any other decorative concrete technique. Whichever color path you choose, you will never regret choosing polished concrete floor.

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Benefits of Concrete Polishing Kansas City and Why Homeowners Prefer It

More and more property owners in Kansas City are choosing to polish their concrete floors. There are many reasons why and each one is worthy of consideration:
  • Aesthetics – There is no doubt that a polished surface is pleasing to the eye. The shine makes it look brand new and clean, in spite of the concrete’s plain gray color. Even commercial spaces like supermarkets and showrooms are loving the luxurious and utilitarian look of a polished floor.
  • Affordability – Since it is done on an existing slab and nothing else, it is a more affordable option with regards to material cost. There are factors, however, that may influence the total cost. One is space. Unlike other decorative concrete jobs, the smaller the space, the more expensive the polishing process would be. This is because it would require smaller equipment and it would be harder to maneuver and clean up in a limited space.
  • Durability – Everyone knows that concrete has and will always be one of the most reliable materials in the construction and remodeling industry. And once topped off with the appropriate type of sealer, a polished slab is even more resistant to damage.
  • Versatility – A polished floor does not necessarily have to be plain gray. It can be a stained flooring as well to complement the current color theme of the space. You may also add custom designs through scoring or engraving.
  • Light Reflectivity – The shine on polished surface can help reduce the need for more lighting fixtures in a specific area. The reflection of the light on the floor helps brighten up a room, reducing the consumption of energy. Concrete polishing comes in many gloss levels that customers can choose from.
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Polished Concrete Kansas City | Maintenance

Different floors require different maintenance. Luckily, concrete is so easy to maintain compared to a lot of other flooring options. Here are some tips to help it retain its gloss and shine.

  • Sweep or mop the floor daily. Dust and solid particles can scratch and dim the shine from your floors. Be sure to regularly clean it and wipe it off using a dust mop or microfiber pad.
  • Use clean water and clean mops. Dirty water can also have particles suspended that can harden once the surface dries off. Use only clean water and a clean mop to make sure they’re gleaming.
  • Avoid abrasive materials. Some cleaning equipment may not be suitable for the job. Avoid rough brooms and switch to dust mops.
  • Avoid spills and stains. This is especially true without a top coat because the floors are susceptible to absorbing liquids and chemicals. Wipe off any spill immediately.
  • Use cleaners properly. Let the solution settle and break down the grime on the spot you want to clean. But be careful about leaving it on for too long or it will dry up and possibly damage the texture of the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you polish old concrete?
Yes you can polish old concrete. Just be sure to prep it well by cleaning and checking for any cracks and damage that need repairs.
How much does it cost to polish an existing concrete floor?
Prepare to spend at least $3 to $15/ sq ft. This may also depend on the cleaning, sealing, and repairs needed to be done.

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