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Everyone knows how concrete can dry with inconsistent colors. It is a known fact that it is gray but it dries to different tones of gray. While some embrace the utilitarian and contemporary look of a plain gray surface, some are not so happy with it. Property owners install carpets, tile, or some other type of flooring or paving material in an effort to attain a more pleasant and appealing surface, according to their standards and preferences. But this is a bit costly and high maintenance.

Fortunately, concrete is a very versatile product. Several coloring products have since been developed to give customers the opportunity to make spaces a bit more decorative and interesting without the addition of any other material or product. Colored concrete maintains its durability and functionality but can be more customized. It helps increase property value with minimal investment, both in terms of time and money.

With the right decorative concrete contractor like Kansas City Concrete Artisans, you are in good hands! Rest assured that your concrete surfaces are well taken care of for you.

Benefits of Coloring Concrete

Most people like to top off concrete surfaces with carpets, tile, or whatever material to make it more appealing. They indeed improve the appearance but often on a high cost. Coloring agents aim to provide a means of enhancing slabs at a cost more comfortable for both residential and commercial property owners.

  • Concrete can now come in any color possible. It is a great way to make them match or complement a home’s current color theme.
  • Custom designs can be created on decorative concrete floors, like how murals can be done on walls.
  • Coloring slabs is an efficient way of disguising or covering ugly stains and discoloration.

Decorative Concrete: Colored Concrete Options

Stained Concrete – This is a highly recommended method of adding color to slabs. It comes in two kinds. Water-based and acid stain concrete both produce exceptional colors that last longer than any other coloring agents.

Integral – This is a long-lasting coloring agent that is mixed into an overlay or mix before pouring. Because it is mixed in, the colors are more subtle.

Dry-Shake – This coloring agent is in powder form, broadcasted on a newly poured overlay or slab. Because it does not penetrate too much past the surface, the color can easily fade and get scratched off.

Looking for any decorative concrete project in the Kansas City area? Work with a trusted and reliable concrete contractor, and upgrade your old, dull and boring concrete floors into beautiful, interesting, new ones. Learn more about stained concrete, stamped, epoxy, polished concrete, etc. Call us at (816) 307-0325 to know more, and receive a free, no-obligation quote!

Color can make the difference between a boring slab and a stunning concrete surface. We at Kansas City Concrete Artisans truly believe in the importance of color. Our team of installers is highly trained in concrete polishing, designing and staining slabs to create more suitable spaces for residential and commercial properties.

But before you hire us, we want you to have all the information needed about colored concrete. Call or email us today for a free consultation and quote.

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