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Luxurious concrete floors are not just for five-star hotels and top-of-the-line restaurants. You can have the same look right in your own home. Concrete surfaces are quite versatile and there is a lot of things that can be done on it to improve aesthetics and extend its lifespan. Homeowners are not necessarily willing to invest an exorbitant amount of money just for better concrete spaces. This is one reason why some would just choose to ignore any sign of damage and wait until it qualifies for a slab replacement.

This should not be the case. Decorative concrete flooring installation provides solutions that can improve or enhance any Kansas City residential flooring. Coatings and overlays can repair minor surface damage, protect the existing slabs underneath from further damage, and create a whole new look. Every homeowner would surely love High Quality decorative concrete. So if you’re worried for your Kansas City flooring, give us a call for us to check and suggest you the best options that we have!

Benefits of Investing in Decorative Concrete

Although the floors are the last thing that homeowners would wish to customize, those deserve every bit of attention. While Kansas City is full of available options, decorative concrete is the best there is. Here are good reasons why:

  • There is a broad range of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. Homeowners would surely enjoy picking the right design that would be most suitable for their lifestyles.
  • Resurfaced or refinished concrete spaces are guaranteed to increase property resale value significantly.
  • Decorative coatings and overlays are inexpensive compared to slab removal and replacement. Although these are affordable, they are durable and long-lasting, making them a worthwhile investment.

Qualified Residential Surfaces for Decorative Concrete

Deciding to resurface or refinish your Kansas city residential floors requires great planning. A licensed contractor first evaluates the concrete space, making sure it is qualified for a coating or overlay. First off, which spaces are qualified and what solutions would be appropriate?

  • Patios – This essential outdoor living space would benefit from a stamped overlay, a spray knockdown finish, or concrete staining.
  • Pool Decks – A stamped overlay or spray knockdown finish can provide the right texture and slip-resistance for a more stunning and safe pool deck.
  • Driveways – What better way to make pulling up to the driveway more delightful than to resurface the driveway with stamped concrete overlays or a spray texture. It can be further customized with the wide range of colors, patterns, and, colors to choose from, perfect for any concrete driveways designs Kansas City MO.
  • Garage Floors – Forget about greasy, dented, and dirty garage flooring. Residential epoxy flooring or Polyurea polyaspartic coatings can take that all away, replacing it with a seamless, damage-resistant floor that looks very appealing.
  • Interior Floors – Living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, baths, and more. No matter what type of interior floor you have, concrete stains will surely make it more visually stimulating.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best residential flooring?

Many are looking to Vinyl flooring for their home floors but unknown to many is the secret of concrete floors and decorative concrete resurfacing that come with it. Concrete is known to be highly durable even with little to no maintenance. 

Because concrete is seamless and customizable with concrete stains and stamps, plenty has turned to it and has not regretted it. imitate and pattern, texture, and color without the seams!

Check out our previous client’s floors and see why they have not regretted it!

What is the average cost of flooring?

Installation costs around six to ten dollars per square foot, possibly even at $18 for expensive materials. If you have a concrete slab already, you don’t need to rip them out to get new floors, simply get a decorative concrete resurfacing.

Polished concrete costs three to five dollars while getting it stamped and colored will amount to eight dollars per square foot.

What is the best and cheapest flooring?

The cheapest floors to date are vinyl, tile, and concrete.

We can make your dream home a reality. If you’re looking for Kansas City residential flooring services, don’t hesitate to call us at (816) 307-0325 for a free estimate and consultation. We are based in the Kansas City area.

Home is where the heart is. We want that to always stand true so we make sure that we can help make your residential concrete spaces a lot more valuable than they already are. You don’t need to look far and wide for companies that offer flooring in Kansas City; Try us! 

Kansas City Concrete Artisans is a decorative concrete contractor with over two decades of experience in floor resurfacing, floor refinishing, and floor repairing both residential and commercial locations in Kansas City, KS. We offer top quality solutions for every type of purpose and for all price points.

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