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Isn’t it frustrating when damage starts showing up on your walking surface? Although concrete flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials in the world, it can still acquire damage. Some a result of wear and tear, some from improper preparation and installation. The latter may require a slab removal and replacement. Any damage caused by something deep and extensive will not benefit from a repair. The issues will only keep recurring if the core cause is not addressed.

But for more cosmetic and minor damage, there are concrete floor repair Kansas city that are efficient, durable, decorative, and highly economical. The most suitable repair method can only be determined after professional Kansas concrete repair contractors assess the entire slab, finding out what is causing the damage. Once it has been found, the slab is then assessed to check if it can hold up to be restored or not.

Work with an expert concrete company in Kansas City now, and transform those dull and boring concrete surfaces into beautiful and colorful floors!

Concrete Repair KC or Replacement?

While both are acceptable solutions, replacement is expensive and time-consuming. It can be quite difficult to decide until you actually learn what benefits you’ll reap from a concrete repair Kansas City. Here are some noteworthy points:

  • Eco-friendly – Repairing is friendlier to the environment. How? Cement manufacturing produces more carbon footprint. Eliminating the use of new materials will help reduce it. Also, slab pieces that have been removed need not be disposed of in landfills because it is being restored.
  • Time-Saving – A repair requires less time to complete than a replacement. Imagine the amount of time needed to remove the slab, restructure the steel foundation or compact the subgrade, mix the new concrete, and then pour and level. Not to mention having to wait for the slab to harden, dry, and cure. A repair only requires a fraction of that time, something between a few days to a week.
  • AestheticsConcrete pool deck repair in Kansas City, KS has become much more than it was decades ago. Now, there are more options and most produce aesthetically pleasing results, unlike anything you’ve seen before. The design has become far more important, but the work we do combines that without compromising durability and costs.

We are ready to make that perfect decorative concrete floors, and provide you the swimming pool deck repair you needed that will change your life forever. Contact us today!

Top Kansas City Concrete Repair Options

stamped overlay kansas cityConcrete doesn’t need to be replaced immediately when there’s damage. Consult with our experts and we can recommend you our two popular repair options listed below to take care of damaged concrete.

Resurfacing – Restoring the slab with an overlay or coating is a popular and efficient method. It covers up scars from repairs and other minor blemishes on slabs. This includes concrete applications such as stamped overlay, epoxy floor coating, and spray texture. Basically, the surface is prepared and made ready, removing any dirt and residue that has formed over the years. This prepares the surface for the actual application. Depending on the coating you prefer, it will be applied by our team of skillful and experienced workers using only the highest grade materials and equipment. Lastly, a top coat may be added to seal the concrete and leave a great sheen.

Refinishing – This does not change the surface, just the finish. This is often done for cosmetic issues like ugly stains that can’t be removed, discoloration, and dullness. Popular refinishing solutions include concrete resealing and staining. Instead of a full coating of an overlay, the top coat or seal can be placed or a stain can be added to overlap the unwanted color.

Want to know if your concrete space could be repaired? For a trusted and reliable concrete contractor in Kansas City, call us at (816) 307-0325 to schedule a free estimate and consultation.

Concrete is a very versatile material. So versatile that most damage it acquires can be repaired. Kansas City concrete repair contractor offers more than just concrete repair. Kansas City Concrete Artisans, a decorative concrete company, offers new life for your concrete, a new look for your home, and peace of mind for you. With our 20+ years of experience in decorative concrete, we are confident that our highly trained team can do the job.

Need a patio, pool deck, or driveway repair service? Request a free appointment today. Contact us or send an email so we can discuss your ideas, your options, and we’ll provide you with a free quote. we are based in Kansas City KS.
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