Building a comfortable and honey outdoor living room with Kansas City concrete patio is possible. Why not have a mid-year home improvement plan and focus on your home’s entryways and front yards. If you haven’t yet a patio in your properties, this is the perfect time to have one. Or, if you already have, consider redecorating and resurfacing the concrete patio floors once again!

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The year 2022 is a year of new beginnings. Match that attitude with a perfect palace to begin a brighter day in your properties.

Here to match your plan, there are five ways to brighten up the patio and concrete floors!

Concrete Patio Plan: Five Ways to Brighten Up the Outdoor Floors

With so many innovations, the flooring industry comes up with anything, and any design is possible. Decorative concrete patios offer limitless ideas to elevate the look of outdoor space. You will no longer get stuck on the old, grey, stone look, and outdoor spaces can turn up with more colors and creative inspiration to make your every day much brighter.

1. Create Borders

One idea of creating an artistic flair on the outdoor concrete patio is by designing the concrete floor with borders and frames. Have you seen Victorian-inspired stamped floors? These European feels designs tell you back to the old English era. These remind you of the good old days and how people celebrate luxury.

The inspiration you can take from a Victorian-style is the use of bold and intricate patterns. It utilizes the function of colors and dimensions to give a warm and bold personality to an interior or even exterior.

2. The Choice of Colors

Speaking of patterns and colors here is how to choose the perfect colors to style your outdoors. The colors you add to your outdoor floors must coincide with your properties’ overall theme.

The themes you can play with are minimalistic, modern-utilitarian, vintage, and rustic or traditional country vibe. Depending on the properties’ themes, there are specific dominating elements to notice and use.

For example, the minimalist design would focus on the neutrals, a better place, a lighter shade of grey, and warm whites around the patio floors if you are going for this look.

Next, if you have a more traditional brick house, then using brick patterns such as those you see among stamped concrete patios would be the best choice—no other.

And so on. Learn the themes and designs common to the outdoors. You may also find out and discover newer ones. Let your taste dictate your choice.

3. Custom Graphics

Innovation is the year 2022’s theme that dominates the design and architecture world. And when you think of innovation, it is how you combine your physical reality with the virtual world. Sounds new, right? Even impossible. But wait till you see the upcoming design trend nowadays. Start with choosing innovative ideas like adding technicolor themes around your properties. How can this be possible around your patios?

There are a lot of ways how. Here are some to inspire you:

  • Use neon lights and led lights to add graphic representations to your outdoors
  • Install water vortexes to play with the imagination and mood when you see waters in motion in your patios
  • Create a creative space like a reading nook or mini outdoor painting exhibit

4. Use Stones or Other Materials

Next, play with the materials. Combine multi-layers of textured floorings. You can combine polished decorative concrete with textured floors and stamped overlays with random and custom patterns.

Pebbled patio floors give a playful and friendly touch to the outdoor setting. You can add an exposed aggregate, or textured overlays, around the main patio floor.

Your imagination is the limit. Play with the materials. It may also help you save costs by limiting material requirements and using other natural and raw materials you can find outside your homes, like natural stones and pebbles.

patio with chairs

5. Add Plants

Last but not least is to add plants to hang around your patio. This would be perfect for a sun patio set up where you enclosed the outdoor extension of the living room. Bring in some greeneries and living materials like plants to make it more a part of the outdoors.

Air plants, bonsai, and a small rubber tree in a pot would make the patio area more alive and one with nature. Green living things, the leaves, and colored leaves are natural aesthetics that brightens up any room, indoors and outdoors.

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