Amidst the current design and modern architecture trends, many homeowners and property owners still love to stick with the classics.
And why not?

Our recent blog will take you back in time and revive old concrete driveways, revisiting and reviewing classic mid-century designs, helping you find something you would love to incorporate into your driveways.

Nothing beats the classic, clean, sleek curb appeal brought by a well-crafted driveway.
Let’s get going.

mid-century house with driveway

Why Mid-Century?

When planning a design for your driveway, you can instantly see many results from your searches, whether on commercial ads or social media. Your screen would be filled with hundreds of appealing, modern, and futuristic designs.

However, there is one theme that will not go away: Mid-century. It has the perfect blend of classic and modern.

It is the right mix of elements, from fine to intricate visuals. Isn’t this just what you need to create an easy-on-the-eye curb?

Mid-century brings light to simplicity yet is bold and clean.

Polished Classic

Classic reminds you of things from long ago. But this is not what you want your curb appeal to reflect. A polished classic is a reminder that you can take a look from the golden days and reclaim its prime appearance.

You can achieve this with your concrete driveways. Concrete has been around for centuries, and resurfacing them with stamped overlays that take the look of natural materials like brick, wood, cobblestones, and even pavers is a perfect way to go mid-century.

polished floor driveway

Ranch Style

Mid-century is a reflection of living the days when people are straightforward thinkers and lived simple, humble lives, like life on a ranch. This style reflects more functionality than drama and artistic expressions.

A look of wood with clean, straight-cut timbers as fences around driveways would create the desired look. Also, go for durable, easy-to-maintain concrete driveways that you can stain to match the amber or tan colors of your outdoor ranch style.

Brick City Look

Utilizing bricks for the exteriors is a homage to the true mid-century style. It reminds you of its origins in the old English Western world, where brick houses, brick roads, and buildings emerged, reminding people of simple developments but achieving lasting quality. That is mid-century.

Designing your driveways can take great inspiration from those times. Be inspired to create durable and long-lasting driving surfaces that will withstand time and weathering.

Courtyard Look

Here is a quick reference for your mid-century driveway inspiration. From this, you can design a blue slate stone pattern for your stamped concrete driveway. The key here is to create seamless transitions of patterns, from the floors to the entire motif of the outdoor and entryways. You can design your driveways with exterior walls where you can add plants and some shrubs but don’t overdo it.

Then, also add subtle lighting. A warm white will do to break the hard, cold stone look from the blue slate. It achieves a sleek, modern, yet practical look. It is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate when your driveways look well-kept and polished.

When it comes to decorative concrete flooring, concrete resurfacing, and driveway construction, Kansas Concrete Artisans takes great pride in delivering excellent quality work. Our attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship ensure that every project is completed to perfection.

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