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Nothing else tops the choice for the best garage floor coating. It is no other than polyurea garage floor coating.

Know what are these reasons why the one-day coat is the best for garages. There are seven!

7 Reasons to USE Polyurea Coating for your Garage

Only two materials dominate the space in garages: epoxy and polyurea. The latter is the most recent innovation. And many today are transforming the high-functioning spaces with a fast curing act and excellent heat resistance.

Know more reasons why property owners are adding this superior coating.

 1. King of Coating

No delay in introducing the new King of garages, the one-day coat polyurea-polyaspartic. Epoxy is the King of flooring for it is both superior in design and usability. 

If you need function more than form, use the one-day coat. 

2. Flexibility

Epoxy will boast of its design adaptability. The polyurea floor coating will not. Instead, the coating king will surpass the resin flooring in terms of withstanding high temperatures. Polyurea is a synthetic polymer created to withstand what typical resin material cannot. One is heating. A pure resin coating will crack or become brittle when exposed to heat.

With polyurea coating the floor, it remains sturdy and seamless even when it directly contacts with heat.

  1. Zero Odor

An ingredient called aliphatic compound makes up the polyaspartic-polyurea. That creates a non-organic chemical that produces zero odor, unlike other coating materials like paints or epoxy. Those conventional materials will still emit a small amount of chemical odor. 

Using aliphatic compounds makes a material odorless, making it user-friendly and safe even when working around the area.


  1. Zero Volatile compound

You can have low VOC floors with epoxy and polyurea coating. These coatings harden quickly when exposed to solid surfaces and air. These make the concrete floors sealed and protected. When concrete is exposed unsealed, the cement pores release volatile compounds. 

VOCs are like invisible drops of water. There is no way that you can tell if these VOCs are floating around you. In that case, VOCs easily enter you through the air you breathe indoors and even outdoors. 

With a low to no VOC present in the floors you use, you can work non-stop even if repairs are ongoing.

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  1. Super Quick Cure

You will hear this a thousand times over about polyurea. This floor coating material dries so fast. It’s faster than epoxy. 


Pay close attention to this. It is due to this reason why garage owners prefer to use this now than epoxy. Those who work in garages will need no time to delay their work. The action keeps ongoing. Not even floor repairs can stop them.

The solution? Of course, the polyurea-polyaspartic. Imagine a flooring improvement happening all at once and then finishing them all in just a day. Multifunctional for the multitasker, that is the polyurea floor coating.

  1. Stunning Simplicity

Most garage owners will not need to make an effort to design the garage floors. Polyurea comes out sleek and straightforward. It creates a distinct texture that easily appeals to one’s eye. At the same time, it does not steal attention, something you need for action-packed spaces where oil and grease would often stain the floor. So, now the polyurea reduces the time and effort to think of a design.


  1. Cost-Effective

If you are looking for a cheap product, the polyurea-polyaspartic coating is not for you. Unless it’s cost-effectivity that you need, then it’s time you use the coating king. Synthetic polymers like this material improve some features that typical resin coating produces.

As we conclude this article, these seven reasons are enough to convince you to contact your local concrete contractor. You can inquire for a quotation as they provide you with the necessary details for you to have a polyurea-coated garage floor.

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