Over time you would see cloudy film laying on the pool decks. You look closer, and you feel a grimy coating on the surface. This is a time you might need a pool deck refinishing.

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Easy Steps to Make The Decks Look New

Refinishing is a quick and convenient way to revive a pool deck’s vibrant and fresh look. After a season when the swimming pools are put under heavy use and traffic, the surface would look filthy, undesirable, and worn out.

You need quick steps to make the decks look desirable again. Especially if you are caught in the middle of summer and pool goers haven’t still gotten enough of the splashing fun in the pools.

Here’s what you need to do when refinishing.

  1. Prepare and wash off the surface of the pool decks
  2. Check for any damages, and make sure it has none
  3. Learn the existing application. You need to prepare the same materials
  4. Refinish the surface with the current application
  5. Seal it for further protection

Refinish vs. Resurface

Before you dive into working on your pool decks, there’s a line you have to draw between refinishing and resurfacing. They are different things. Go back to your previous guides about resurfacing, and the process would take added steps like installing an entirely fresh slab over the decks.

On the other hand, refinishing would let you reapply and use the same application. Usually, this would entail pressure washing the surface. Here, you would not have to touch the existing slab. Coloring and resealing are the only tasks you have to prepare the slabs for.

Let’s get into the hows of reinstalling a pool deck finish.

Step 1: Prepare and Wash the Pool Deck First and Stain

The prep stage requires you to clear the surface and let its smooth and even layer come out. You may also need to roughen the surface to strongly allow the new finishing to adhere to the repurposed slabs.

Step 2: Check for Any Cracks, Dents, or Unleveled Surfaces

Compared to resurfacing, you would jump into grinding and repairing the surface. But when performing refinish, ensure that there are no deep cracks or severed faults that are ongoing.

You would, however, test if the sealers and protective coating are still doing the job. If the coating had faded, water could already be leaking into the core of the materials. So, go ahead and refinish.

Step 3: Prepare the Application Suitable to Use

You may have faded color, the staining had washed off, or a sealer had gone away too soon. Analyze what material was used. Common refinishing products for pool decks are overlays, or spray coatings, like the knockdown texture.

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Step 4: Refinish the Pool Deck

The star of the show is now here. The refinishing stage would take place, and Reapply the coatings or overlays again. You may also need lesser amounts of the compound since it has already been resurfaced.

Step 5: Cure and Seal to Protect

Now, the final step. Seal and protect the pool decking surface. Here you might enhance the final casting since you realize that the water splashes might have been too much, causing the decking to wear out easily.

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