You may be looking around your garden and feeling like something is missing from it. Maybe it looks too simple, or too green, or like it’s not “decorated” enough. What might help the overall aesthetic quality of your garden is something different that can effectively decorate the space without overwhelming a garden’s true purpose: growth and leisure.

Decorative concrete is a great vehicle for adding subtle design to space without dominating other features. It’s also a cost-effective choice that offers longevity. These are our favorite ways of adding design to your garden with decorative concrete:

1. A concrete water feature

decorative concrete fountain kansas

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a great bird population, think about installing a water feature like a small fountain. Small concrete water features, where birds can quench their thirst, are a great addition to your garden that can also attract local wildlife!

A concrete floor fountain like the Longmeadow style of a fountain or a small tabletop Cara Classica fountain are great and classical-looking water features to add to any garden.

2. Stamped concrete floors

decorative concrete stamping kansas

If you think your problem area for your garden may be the entire floor, concrete is a great choice for a garden. It is durable, low-maintenance, and has a good longevity period. Additionally, it comes with great customization like stamping concrete.

Stamped concrete allows you to imprint a design or pattern onto concrete that, when dried, will reveal a floor that looks complex and beautiful. You can choose from a variety of designs, like faux stone or small-scale patterns.

3. Stained concrete floors

decorative concrete staining kansas

Stained concrete floors are a great choice if you’re looking for a punch of color in your garden. Concrete stains work by penetrating the concrete slab with color, leaving a permanent stain that does not come off with water. They come in two variants: acid and water-based.

If you’re looking for a specific design or an even wash of color, water-based stains are the better choice; but if you’re looking for an unexpected result, acid stains deliver random marble-like washes of color.

4. Concrete planters

decorative concrete planter kansas

You can also add a concrete element to your garden by giving your smaller plants concrete planters that they can live and grow in.

Because unsealed concrete is naturally quite porous, they make for good planters for small cacti like succulents, which need pots that can effectively drain water. You can also help this along by drilling small holes to the bottom of them.

You don’t need to keep the planters bare either. Have fun with them by painting designs on their sides or even by making them yourself!

That’s it for decorative concrete techniques you can get for your garden. If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, we have plenty more for you. Ready to get a decorative concrete overlay for your outdoor surfaces? Visit our homepage to see the services we offer or find the right contractor for you in your area! Interested in more blogs? Find out how you can convert your basement into a living area.

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