Business spaces need floors that are easy to clean and maintain. A commercial flooring Kansas City aims to create only polished and seamless flooring surfaces. Epoxy floors and polished concrete are among the most popular flooring trends that do not get outdated. 

This article gives you the all-time loved flooring options of retail space owners. These are real trends curated from the experiences of real people in the business.

Timeless Flooring Trends for the Business Space this 2021

Look no further. These are the five tested and proven flooring options that just breathe life back into your space. 

1. Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are everywhere! The grey space beneath your feet often gets undermined. But for businesses who aim to be on top, the floors must look polished, seamless at all times!

If you got concrete flooring for a business area, your number one concern is heavy foot traffic. What you need is a protective floor coating. Even if you got plain grey concrete, it does not have to look dull and underappreciated. A clean and well-polished floor is simply stunning.

A customer will no doubt trust your trade if you can manage the floors well.

cafe with a polished concrete floor

2. Hardwood flooring

One of the reasons why hardwood is almost everywhere is that most properties keep a long-time affair with wooden floors. If you convert an old house into an inn or a tiny lodging house, wooden floors are probably already part of that property. This type of flooring is difficult to throw away. So, the best way is to restore the wooden steps. The look of the wood is classic. Classic is timeless. It fits every season of the year.

3. Carpets

Carpets are practical. You may have concrete or wooden floors, and you can put carpets on them and change them after some time. So if you’re aiming for practicality, a carpeted floor is the way to go. The carpet flooring is easy to install. 

If one day you want some change to happen, make changes to the carpets on your floors. If you opt for another theme or motif in your properties, you can change yours with floor coverings.

Carpet tiles are a fan-favorite because they come in many forms of styles and designs. So you’ll be able to follow whatever trend is in season.

floor of a boutique with a dark brown carpet

4. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl also comes in different styles. You can achieve various colors and patterns. Vinyl flooring is also durable and easy to install, clean, and maintain. Some come in vinyl tiles or planks, which you can put piece by piece anywhere in your business space.

Whatever hard surface you have as your commercial flooring, a vinyl tile will readily adhere. Make sure that the slabs are in perfect shape before you put any covering on them.

A luxury vinyl tile may cost you more. What you can opt to have are more practical kinds of vinyl food covers. Vinyl mats and planks come in pieces that you can assemble. You can cut costs if you buy the number of parts that will only cover the space you need.

5. 3D Epoxy & Metallic Flooring

Epoxy floors are one of the top choices for floors among retail spaces today! An epoxy floor coating provides a glossy and smooth surface. When your customers see a bright floor, they’ll get attracted at once! It will no doubt make them want to check out your stores.

Not only can you have smooth, seamless floors. You can create dozens of designs when using epoxy. Many business owners today are transforming their showrooms and stores with resin art floors. It is due to the 3d visuals they can produce. Or, you can go with trending themes like Metallic epoxy floor designs. You can also add glow-in-the-dark pigments to go well with the metallic glow.

garage flooring kansas city

Give your floors a makeover today!

Take note of this important tip. Business owners who create success are those who make wise decisions. They only rely on expert concrete contractors Kansas City to revamp the floors. You can too.

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