Polished concrete floors in Miami are slowly becoming a trend. Due to this, many residents and business owners as well are considering concrete polishing in Miami for their homes and business establishments.

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What is Polished Concrete?

A polished concrete floor characterizes a glossy and mirror-like finish. Polished concrete is an excellent option for floors since polished concrete is easy to maintain, quick to install, and more cost-efficient than other floor material options. There are a lot of design options for polished concrete.

You can choose from any color available, or create unique patterns or even embed exciting objects into the concrete polishing process. Maintaining a polished concrete surface only needs regular dust mopping and occasional use of cleaning chemicals and products. It also works great with commercial floors and is cheaper compared to other commercial flooring options.

Can You Polish Concrete Yourself?

Yes!, Surprisingly, the polishing process for your floor surface is not as complex as it sounds. Below are steps on how to polish concrete by yourself.

How to Polish Old Concrete

Here are some steps to follow in order for you to polish concrete by yourself. 

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1. Get a Grinder

You would need a concrete grinding machine. If you do not own one, you can borrow a grinder from your local home improvement center. 

2. Have the Perfect Grits

Aside from a concrete grinder, you would also need other equipment such as grinding discs. It is recommended to have at least 30 to 3000 grits.

3. Hop on the Polishing Pads

You would also need polishing pads for the polishing process. Concrete polishing is similar to sanding wood. However, with polished concrete, you will make more passes with the grinder than you would with a sander on wood. 

4. Apply the Finishing Touches

When the polishing process is nearly finished, swap out the grinding disc with a burnishing pad. To achieve a stone-like surface without using floor waxes and oils, apply a thin coat of concrete sealer on the floor surface before varnishing one last time. 

Other Tips to Remember

Usually, the best concrete grinders come with a dust-containing system such as skirts and vacuums for effective dust collection. It is also best to look for equipment with a built-in liquid dispenser. Experts recommend to use specialized edging machines if you would like to polish concrete near existing walls.

Should I DIY Concrete Polishing or Hire a Concrete Polishing Miami Contractor?

In polishing concrete, it would be great to do the whole idea by yourself if you are confident enough. It is also better to have your own equipment such as a grinding machine and grinder discs since renting a grinder can be a little bit costly. 

Grinder rentals may cost up to $1000 per week. This fee doesn’t include the cost of other tools and equipment needed for your polished floor project. With this being said, it would still be best to hire a professional to get the job done. Most of the time, hiring skilled contractors to do the labor would give you the best result. So what are you waiting for? Give the nearest local concrete polishing contractor and request a quote.

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