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4 Budget-friendly Concrete Driveway Repairs

Everyone wishes for a concrete driveway that will last the rest of their lives. However, there are certain elements that could be harmful, causing unpleasant damage to the slab itself. Whatever damage is acquired, homeowners dread the costs that come with concrete driveways repairs. Before you hire a contractor, it is highly recommended to have the driveway assessed so as to determine the proper repair option and how much it could possibly cost. Once you [...]


Recreating an Expensive Penthouse Pool Deck at a Lower Cost

A penthouse is a luxurious living space in the highest level of a building. More often than not, these are considered the most expensive when it comes to residential unit spaces. Most penthouses have dream pool areas that match the urban and modern setup of the building’s location. If you have browsed through photos of penthouse pool decks, the thought that probably entered your mind is that it looks costly. They really are. But [...]


5 Creative Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

Pool deck lighting nowadays is more than just a bulb and a receptacle. There are unique and creative designs and concepts available today and they are taking the pool world by storm. While the most common thing to do is install an inground pool lighting system, installing lighting fixtures on the deck is more preferable. The lights are easier to replace and maintain, plus it makes the surroundings brighter and safer. Here are some [...]


Top 5 Pool Deck Ideas that are Worth the Investment

Revamping the pool deck will always involve financial investment. The question is how much would it take and will it be worth every cent. Whether you are aiming for a traditional or contemporary pool deck, there are several features you could invest in that could improve the look and function of your pool deck. While some require second thoughts, these have proven to be worth the investment. Decorative Coping The coping is a decorative [...]